Miss Universe China 2012

Lizzette Kattan – Chief Fashion Stylist

Miss Universe China 2012 Cover

Miss Universe China 2012 Lizzette

From China Daily 09/04/2012 page18:

“Lizzette Kattan, a household name in the fashion world, is one of these “masters”.

An Italian stylist and fashion director of magazines that include Harper’s Bazaar France, and Italian Cosmopolitan, Kattan was in charge of the look of every one of the 21 Chinese Miss Universe beauties, at about 20 events in the past 30 days, excluding the finals contest.

“That means hundreds of dresses and shoes for fittings, and thousands of pieces of jewelry and accessories,” Kattan says.

Each fitting session took a minimum of 12 hours and several days of searching for accessories.

“The difference between dressing a model and a beauty queen is that with the former, you can make them look cool, trendy, sexy or whatever the theme calls for; while with the latter, it’s elegance, elegance, and elegance, even in bathing suits,” she says.”