Lizzette Kattan


September 2, 2012

Miss Universe China 2012

Miss Universe China 2012 Lizzette Kattan – Chief Fashion Stylist Miss Universe China 2012 Cover Miss Universe China 2012 Lizzette From China Daily 09/04/2012 page18: “Lizzette Kattan, a household name in the fashion world, is one of these “masters”. An Italian stylist and fashion director of magazines that include Harper’s Bazaar France, and Italian Cosmopolitan, - Read More -

August 27, 2012

Miss Universe China 2012 Raffles Design Institute

Raffles Design Institute Shanghai August 7, 2012 2012 Miss Universe China starts their training camp on August 1. We are proud to announce that Raffles Design Institute is the official partner for this beauty feast and 5 fashion design students are selected to team up a fashion consultant team led by legendary ex-super model and - Read More -

January 20, 2012

Miss Universe China 2011

LIZZETTE KATTAN – Chief Stylist for Miss Universe China. Lizzette Kattan is a name well known in the fashion world. Her brilliant expertise in the industry makes her a sought after fashion and art direction consultant. Kattan has pioneered the launch of two successful fashion magazines in Europe, and her creative wings have landed her - Read More -

January 19, 2012

Stan Malinowsky

Interesting article on the site of Stan Malinowsky: “” I loved shooting for Italian Bazaar, in large part because of Lizzette Kattan, Bazaar’s exceptional Editor. And getting 22 beautiful pages of Valentino’s fashions into both Italian Bazaar, and Paris Vogue didn’t hurt either. “” Click here to read the complete article. “” They include: Bob - Read More -

January 19, 2012

Cromos Octubre 2007

Cromos Octubre 2007 In 2007 Lizzette Kattan graced the cover of Cromos in Honduras.