Lizzette was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She lived in her home country until her family relocated to New York when she in her teens. Her ambitions at the time were to return home as an archeologist and unearth the many discoveries lying under the Honduran soil. One faithful day on the streets of New York a woman approached Lizzette with a proposition. It was something that she had never thought of before nor considered as an option. The woman’s name was Eileen Ford and she wanted to represent Lizzette as a model in the fashion world. Lizzette thought over the proposal and decided to take advantage of the opportunity. College would always be there for her but the chance to travel and see the world was an occasion that couldn’t be passed up. The fashion world quickly discovered her and Lizzette started to travel throughout Europe working for Elle, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and many other magazines.

On one of her trips she became friends with Peppone Della Schiava at Harper’s Bazaar and made a faithful decision. She decided to quit her career as a model and became part of the Cosmopolitan Italia’s editorial staff and organized all of the magazines photo shoots. Lizzette had the uncanny ability to spot talented young photographer. Her charisma and unflinching drive for success allowed her to become the fashion director of Cosmopolitan Italia and subsequently taking over the coveted position as Editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar Italia. She discovered and launched the careers of many of the top names in the industry today. Bruce Webber, Chris von Waggenheim, Arthur Elgort, Patrick DeMachelier, Tiziano Magni, Jimmy Moore, Herb Ritts and Steven Meisel are some of the young and often unrecognized photographers that found their voices within the pages of her magazines.

Discovering and promoting young talent wasn’t her only contribution to the world of fashion; she was one of the first to promote and publicize the collaboration behind the editorial stories. Giving credit to all the talent involved in the production, a first of in the industry and one of the major reason why some of the best of the industry fought over to work with her. This collaboration attracted heavy weights of the time like Helmut Newton, Robert Maplethorpe, Albert Watson and Norman Parkinson.

She then spearheaded the development of two more magazines; Harper’s Bazaar Men’s in 1979 and Harper’s Bazaar France in 1983. In an unprecedented move in the fashion world she was one of the only women to have ever held simultaneously the position of editor in chief of four major magazine titles in multiple countries.


Lizzette’s passion and commitment to the fashion world has proven the test of time. Most of the people she collaborated with today are some of the most recognizable names in the industry and continue to create outstanding results in the global market.

In 1986 she retired from her positions to focus on raising her two sons.