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Lizzette retired after over 17 years of work in the diplomatic post in Italy for the Republic of Honduras, to dedicate to her family. She continued anyhow to be active in different projects.

She had developed many friendship and professional contacts during her career both in the fashion and diplomatic world, so naturally she was contacted to be invited into different projects as freelance.

Lizzette selected just few of the various proposals and she dedicated lots of energy, time and skills.

She is active in helping the orphanage in Roatan, the Majken Broby Children’s Home, support the work of Reverend Glen Salomon of founding funds to pay for the enlarging of their complex.

She was engaged as Chief Stylist for the Miss Universe contest in China, where she coordinated the selection of the Miss China, positioning in the third place at the Miss Universe final in Brasil in 2011.

Lizzette is consulting of the new and fast developing international brand of shoes Charles Philip Milano. Those shoes are loved by many celebrities, as the singer Rihanna.

She is also consultant of a limited number of projects in the fashion, communication and philanthropy fields.

Due to those various projects she actively travels among Honduras, China, Europe and United States.

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