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Lizzette sought for a different challenge once retired from the fashion world. Her continued support her home country of Honduras lead to an invitation in becoming the commercial attaché to the Honduran Embassy in Rome in 1990. In this new position she mustered her unparalleled marketing skills gained in the fashion industry to promote Honduras image on the world stage. Lizzette established a quarterly publication called Honduran Highlights in 1990, which promoted culture, tourism and investment opportunities in Honduras. She motivated investors by showcasing Honduras lucrative manufacturing sector, exportation of agricultural goods and developed programs aimed at its growing tourism industry on the island of Roatan. She campaigned tirelessly on Honduras’ behalf at international trade shows by showcasing its rich cultural heritage and attracting tourism to its white sandy beaches.

Her love for archeology never left her dreams and in 1993 she began developing a museum exhibit that would take four long years to come to fruition. The first installment was in France in April of 1997 at the Abbaye de Daoulas as “Les Mayas au pays de Copan”. It featured pottery, gold & silver ornaments, hand carved stone sculptures and feature on burial traditions of the Mayans of Copan. The second installment was in Milan at the Palazzo Reale in October of 1997. This was expanded to include more archeological findings including airlifting two original stone statues each weighing one ton.

In 2002 she become the Consul general of Honduras of Milan overseeing all Honduran expats in northern Italy. Throughout her career as diplomat she attend many international events representing Honduras.

Most notable was her commitment to aiding her people by sending urgent relief after the devastating hurricane Mitch hit the main land.

In 2007 Lizzette decided to retire from her position as a career diplomat to focus her energies, once more, on her family.

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